Jan-Marc is a garagiste plying his craft in acharming neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. His wines are harvested, crushed, fermented, racked, aged, barrel-tasted, food-tested and bottled by hand, by his own hands. A machine puts the labels on. janmarcwinecellars.com




Twenty-five years as restaurant chefs in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. There’s a temptation to dial it down from a 24 hour work cycle to one that lasts 365 days. So, the last ten years has been fairly relaxing, just making wine.

We hung out with winemakers and grape growers for years. In 2003, the first crush happened in our two-car garage. A couple 225 liter French oak barrels aged in the basement. Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay were total home runs that year. In 2009, Jan-Marc Wine Cellars launched with just shy of 400 cases produced, and by 2013 one-thousand cases packed that same little garage winery.

It all goes away right here in Portland at Garagiste Wine Bar.

It's our new tasting room and pub. I guess we're back in it.

–Jan-Marc & Barbara